We have a new product here at Cold Hollow Cider Mill that you will find delectable, healthy, and simple to use!  Cold Hollow now has its very own Honey Vinegar, made right here in Vermont.  Because Honey Vinegar has so many uses, benefits, and has an incredible history behind it, we are very proud to be one of the few companies nationwide that produces this majestic substance!

Honey Vinegar


Starting with a smooth and rich flavor, undertones of pepper soon become present, finishing with a subtle floral undertone.

Honey Vinegar can be used as an everyday alternative for conventional Vinegar to create a more distinctive and enticing arrangement of flavors.

While our honey vinegar is great by itself as a salad dressing, it can also be used as the key ingredient in many marinades, sauces, and glazes.


While some high end vinaigrettes can have a high retail cost, honey vinegar provides a more cost efficient way to deliver “five star restaurant quality” dressings and glazes, right from home!


Traditionally honey mixed with apple vinegar is known as a “natural healing elixir
with naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic properties that help fight germs and bacteria.”  Our Honey Vinegar takes that one step further by including two of these major beneficial ingredients in one easy to use product.

Vinegar based recipes can often times have a very acidic aftertaste that can be overwhelming to one’s palate.  Our Vinegar, however, due to its main ingredient, honey, has a much smoother and inviting flavor.


Our Honey vinegar has a remarkably interesting past.  It is made directly from Honey Wine, which is historically known as Mead.  Mead is known as being the oldest form of alcoholic beverage, even predating beer.  The first mead or honey wine would have been made by nature without the aid of man, this would have happened due to the simple method of fermentation.  Picture a day such as today, but hundreds of thousands of years ago, a strong wind brings in a summer rain storm and knocks a beehive from a tree.  If that beehive landed in water and was there for long enough, with proper exposure to sunlight, it would eventually have fermented into Mead (not of the quality and taste of today’s mead however!).  It is in this way that man probably stumbled across this honey wine.  The first signs of man-made Mead have been dated to around 7,000 B.C. in regions of Northern China.  Archeological evidence shows vessels that were filled with a mixture of honey, rice, and several fruits, believed to be one of the original alcoholic beverages.  Research shows that Mead did not make it to Europe until around 2000 B.C. It is agreed that in Ancient Greece around 1700 B.C. Mead was extraordinarily popular and Aristotle himself discussed Mead in his writings.

Next up we will discuss another historic beverage which is currently in the works here at Cold Hollow Cider Mill... Hard Cider!  Stay tuned in for a sneak peak of the Cider and much more as we continue to add to our selection of products!





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