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Planning a visit to Cold Hollow.. Check out our calendar link for the pressing schedule, daily samples, and Luncheonette daily specials! Coming Soon to the Cider Mill Vermont Craft Beer Store.

What’s to see at our Mill besides the cider-making? Why, plenty, by jeezum!

The Donut Counter

We make our legendary Cider Donuts — called one of the country’s four best donuts by Gourmet magazine — every day, fresh all day long. During foliage season, we’ll make over 400 dozen per day! All this demand is thanks to our 25-year-old secret recipe.

Our Bakery

The warm aromas of fresh baking lure visitors to our bake case, where “What looks good?” usually becomes “I’ll have these, and those, and those ...” Our bakers are constantly coming up with new, tantalizing creations. We feature Pumpkin Rolls, Apple Cheddar Squares, Maple Cream Cheese Pockets, and our great old standby, Apple Pie.

Vermont Specialty Foods

The Mill is home to literally thousands of these delicacies — everything from pancake mix to picked fiddleheads. Each day we put out for sampling at least six of our own products, like Maple Mustard, Maple Butter, Cider Jelly (a tangy, tasty favorite), and a variety of others.

The Press Room

This is where you can watch cider being made the real, old-time way. In winter and summer, we press three to four days a week — but from mid-September through mid-December, we go seven days a week. We also have a large sample tank, where you can taste fresh-pressed cider while observing the process or watching a video about it.

The Honey Corner

It’s the bees that ensure a good apple crop, by pollinating the orchards every spring — and it only takes a hive 2-3 hours to pollinate a good-sized orchard. See these amazing creatures up close (behind glass) in our Honey Corner’s observation hive. They fly through a tube to the outside, and travel up to five miles to retrieve pollen. They’re mesmerizingly busy all summer, till the end of October. We offer their best work: Regular, Creamed, and Comb Honey in a variety of sizes.

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