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Our Apple Cider is still shipping! Order today!






**Note: We cannot ship Cider to Alaska or Hawaii.

Vermont Apple Cider

These days, we press between 18 and 20 million Vermont apples a year!

Like grapes are to wine, so are the fancy McIntosh apples to our cider!
It is the soils of the Champlain Valley that make our local apples taste the way they do.  No other flavor compares.

For over 35 years the Cold Hollow Cider Mill has been pressing fresh apple cider. The peak of our season is fall when the McIntosh apples are at their peak.

Our growth in the industry has ranked us as one of the top tourist attractions in Vermont.  People traveling through love to stop at the Mill to buy a bottle and check our "our old fashioned rack and cloth cider press" daily during fall foliage. 

cider half gallon
Vermont Apple Cider

Due to high demand, we now allow you to buy apple cider online. 9 years ago we began shipping our cider across the country to those visitors who craved the taste of Vermont. Kosher Certified.

**NOTE: We ship cider from October 1st to April 1st only*



ATTENTION: Due to agriculture regulations, we cannot ship fresh apples to: Arizona, California, Hawaii, or Washington.

 Vermont Apples

NOTE: To ensure ultimate freshness,
we ship McIntosh apples from October 2nd to January 10th. Due to agriculture guidelines beyond our control we will no longer be able to ship any apples to, Arizona, California, Hawaii and Washington.

FANCY McIntosh Apple


Apples will SHIP week of September 22nd

Vermont McIntosh Apples

Vermont Apples
Fancy McIntosh Apples 


Like the Vermonters who grow them, the MacIntosh is incredibly hardy and has resisted genetic modification over time - not following fashion trends! It is a bit on the tart side but harbors sweetness deep down.  It is the acidic soils and climate of Vermont that help create this heirloom apple.  Like grapes are to fine wine, so is the McIntosh Apple to Cold Hollow Cider.  We feel this apple makes the best cider and is the greatest for eating when compared to even the trendiest varieties these days. It's Vermont to the Core! For more information about Vermont McIntosh apples, visit the Vermont Apples website:


Baked Goods

Homemade Maple Shortbread

The main sweeteners in our all-natural bakery are always cider syrup, maple syrup or honey. We bake everything right here at the Cider Mill fresh daily.



Vermont Cheddar Cheese

We are proud to offer Vermont artisnal cheeses from all our neighboring farmers. We search out the best to offer. We are also partners with our neighbors at Cabot Cheese for our cheddars that are aged as long as 24 months.


**Please note that the donuts may be shipped separately from other items in your order.

Apple Cider Donuts

Please note do to increased cost we are no longer able to ship orders for 1 dozen donuts.  Orders for two or more dozen are still available.

Mail Order Cider Donuts

Our LEGENDARY CIDER DONUTS… One of the biggest attractions at the Cider Mill is our famous cider doughnuts made fresh daily and year round. And we now offer you the option to buy apple cider donuts online. We ship them via Priority Mail to ensure the freshest donut makes it to your door. All shipping is included in unit price. Once you have received them, turn your oven to 275 degrees for just five minutes to get them as close to tasting like they just came off the doughnut machine here at the mill.

Watch our 'Cider Donuts at Home' Tutorial



Our cider products are a staple to the mill and a long time favorite of all our visitors. Our #1 best seller is our apple cider jelly. Made in house, it encompasses the bold flavor of apple cider reduction.


Homemade Fudge

Homemade Chocolate and Maple Fudge

We make our fudge right here at the cider Mill in an old-fashioned kettle.


Gift Packs

Perfect Gift-Giving Packages

Give the flavors of Vermont's harvest with one of our gift packages for your loved ones or create one of your own.





Vermont Maple Syrup


Pure Vermont Grade A Maple Syrup

For nearly four decades Cold Hollow has proudly supported Vermont agriculture and sugarmakers by only offering 100% pure Vermont maple syrup.  We carry all grades; Fancy, Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber, and Grade B Maple Syrup.  We also offer a wide variety of other popular Vermont maple syrup products including maple butter, pure maple candies, maple sugar granules, maple granola and maple mustards. Syrup grading Information   



Taste our all-natural jams and jellies!

Everyone's pantry deserves one of each! Our own products are all natural, made in small batches. They are sweetened with our natural sweeteners of cider syrup, maple syrup and/or honey....we share other best sellers found in the Mill here as well.


Here are some of Erdine's favorite items from our Cider Mill retail store located in Waterbury Center. And just remember, if you have seen an item in our store and can describe it to us on the phone, we can ship it to you.
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