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Our best seller! We ask you to contemplate this math: Did you know that three McIntosh apples equal approximately one pound? And it takes 12 pounds of apples, once pressed, to create just one gallon of cider! ThatÆs 36 McIntosh apples packed into 128 ounces of ciderà..Well, one gallon of cider, once boiled down, will produce a 12 ounce jar of cider jelly. So an 8 ounce jar of cider jelly has the flavor 24 McIntosh apples packed tightly inside! Still made the way the early pioneers did, by boiling down our fresh apple cider and letting the natural pectin in the apples change it to jelly. Nothing else is added. The early pioneers did it to preserve the remainder of their apple crop through the winter. We do it not only to produce this nostalgic novelty jelly, but also to use as an all natural base ingredient from which all our other products at Cold Hollow are inspired. Cider Jelly is delicious on a sandwich, a bagel or as a natural sweetener to homemade baked goods and sauces. 8 oz jar.
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