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ATTENTION: Due to agriculture regulations, we cannot ship fresh apples to: Arizona, California, Hawaii, or Washington.

 Vermont Apples

NOTE: To ensure ultimate freshness,
we ship McIntosh apples from October 2nd to January 10th. Due to agriculture guidelines beyond our control we will no longer be able to ship any apples to, Arizona, California, Hawaii and Washington.

FANCY McIntosh Apple


Apples will SHIP week of September 22nd

Vermont McIntosh Apples

Vermont Apples
Fancy McIntosh Apples 


Like the Vermonters who grow them, the MacIntosh is incredibly hardy and has resisted genetic modification over time - not following fashion trends! It is a bit on the tart side but harbors sweetness deep down.  It is the acidic soils and climate of Vermont that help create this heirloom apple.  Like grapes are to fine wine, so is the McIntosh Apple to Cold Hollow Cider.  We feel this apple makes the best cider and is the greatest for eating when compared to even the trendiest varieties these days. It's Vermont to the Core! For more information about Vermont McIntosh apples, visit the Vermont Apples website:

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